Environment protection


As a global participant in the oilfield services industry, we recognize the role we play in protecting the environment. We committed to reduce our environmental footprints throughout the development and application of cost-effective environmentally sustainable practices and materials, undertaking our activities in a manner sensitive to their environmental impact, seeking to preserve natural resources, reduce waste and minimize pollution.


Our activity in this area is based on three key principles:


•  Openness and transparency of HSE information;

•  Maximum use of recyclable and biodegradable materials;

• Promotion of environmental best practices, ways and methods of environmental protection and development of effective environmentally protective management system.



To minimize the environmental impact of our services, the company developed an Eco-friendly anchor made from  water-soluble cement. During deployment the anchor weight is needed to sink and stabilize the instrument on the bottom. After the mission is completed and SPN has been retrieved, the anchor remains on the seafloor. Within two-three months the cement decomposes into commonly found on the bottom quartz sand and other elements naturally occurring in sea water.



Our dissolvable anchors produce no dangerous or corrosive decomposition products. After use they return to the natural cycle causing no adverse environmental effects. Additional benefits of our anchoring weight include its high initial strength, the possibility to control decomposition rate changing it from a few weeks to several months and its ability to dissolve in water with wide temperature range.