Academic studies and regional seismic surveys


The Autonomous Self Pop-up Nodes (SPNs) is a perfect solution for the Earth crust academic studies and for regional seismic surveys. They also can be used for continental shelf studies under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). 2D seismic surveys acquired at greater depths with 6 km streamer cannot provide long offset data required to obtain the reliable estimation of seismic velocities in the lower parts of the continental slope sediments and hence it is not possible to determine the sediment thickness near a foot of continental slope. The sediment thickness near the foot of continent slope is directly proportional to the additional distance out of standard 200 miles zone to which economic zone of the coastal State could be extended.

The application of longer 9 km towing streamer vessels makes these studies very expensive and economically risky. The GNS™ SPNs and acquisition method provide cost-effective solution to perform these studies.