3D seismic acquisition in transition zones


GNS™ a breakthrough seismic data acquisition technology allowing full-wave (multicomponent) data recording in transition zones and in shallow water areas with water depths less than 15 – 10 meters, where conventional towed-streamer acquisition is impossible or difficult. To withstand pressure of high tides and strong currents in the coastal areas that can potentially move the equipment out of position, we use a water-proof housing with an extra-weight that keeps the SPN stationary on the sea-bottom position. Application of stand-alone bottom nodes significantly improves the acquisition performance and seismic image quality.


Technological Advantages

  • Recording of full-wave (multicomponent) data and distortion-free measurements of horizontal channels provides seismic images of superior quality;
  • Cableless system and high recording endurance provided by long life batteries and large data storage capacity decreases project turnover time (Wireless technology ensures fast data download without opening the housing);
  • Multifunctional seismic recording device provides seamless acquisition from land to the sea, including shallow water, transition zone and land acquisition;
  • Dissolvable concrete platforms used as eco-friendly anchors reduce negative impact on the environment.